About Us

I am Dee, owner of “Sweet Kreations by Dee” creating unique and different cakes (sweets) is my passion. I was blessed with a talent and have decided to swim with the currents of what has been given to me by the creator.

My training began with a simple cake creation over ten years ago and I was hooked immediately!
Baking has always been a love of mine and I have been baking for friends and family for years. If it’s a Birthday, Graduation, Baby shower, Wedding, Thanksgiving, Christmas or just because, my creations are usually a part of the celebration.  

My baking will give you a taste of that home-baked goodness your grandmother introduced you to as a child. I will bring it all back to memory. Subsequently, baking and cake-creating became my passion. I truly love the creative process as well as the challenge of making an idea come to life.

Extra attention to detail and quality of taste sets an extraordinary cake apart from the ordinary. I am affectionately called “The Cake Lady” and I have to say the name is very fitting. I thank my creator for blessing me with an ability to make great tasting cakes, cookies, pies, cheesecakes…well, you get the picture.